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Hannah the Scribe

fMy name’s Hannah; I’m nineteen years old and a cisgender female; my pronouns are she/her. I identify as a single, sapphic submissive, masochist, and bottom. I’m autistic, Jewish, a seven-time NaNoWriMo winner (writer), a reader, crafter, visual artist, and theater geek. I go to university in Cambridge, Massachusetts, but my hometown is Las Vegas, Nevada. I love to participate in the local BDSM community.

My ideal partner is a single, female Dominant and also sadistic Top, who is attracted to women, and is near my age, active in the BDSM community near Cambridge.

I’m looking for a long-term, romantic and sexual Dominant/submissive dynamic, preferably monogamous in those elements; I’d be monogamous in all elements. However, I’d enjoy watching my Dominant be a Top to other people in scenes if they would also enjoy that, as long as there is no disease risk. I express and enjoy love best through touch and quality time.

I’m looking for a structured dynamic (rules/consequences) with sadomasochism play, a dynamic that also includes non-sexual service elements, along with helping personal development for both of us.

I would prefer there to be a consideration and training (to the Dominant’s preferences) stage, while we negotiate and figure out if the relationship is right for us, see how it’s developing, and work on a contract.

I’d like a Dominant who doesn’t have children and who is sober.

Some of my play-based kinks include:


Tea se and Denial
Verbal Humiliation

Some of my dynamic-based kinks include:

Controlle d Diet/Exercise
Enforced Wake/Bed Times
Hygiene (Hair/Etc.) Regulations
Kneelin g
Posture/Movement Restrictions
Uniforms/Clothin g Regulations

Some of my service-based kinks include:

Calendar/”To Do” Assistance
Cleaning/Organizin g
Communications Assistance
Cooking/Meal Planning
Pet Care (If Applicable) Assistance
Shopping Assistance
Transportation Management
Trip/Event Assistance

My BDSM Test results are:
100% Submissive
100% Rope bunny
98% Slave
98% Degradee
95% Masochist
75% Boy/Girl
70% Ageplayer
49% Experimentalist
47% Primal (Prey)
46% Pet
43% Exhibitionist
39% Voyeur
36% Brat
26% Non-monogamist
18% Vanilla
0% Switch

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