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Bossy bitch

I’m a sour patch chick

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Body ArtPierced... but only ear(s)

Looking For

I prefer:Money, Power, Flirtatiousness
My perfect matchSomeone who knows how to listen
Our first dateMe on top

BDSM Preferences

I'm turned on byA combination of all
I enjoyBiting, body worship, Bondage, Breast / nipple torture, Candle wax, Defilement, Enemas / douching / klismaphilia, Femdom


FetishesFeathers, High Heels, Lace / Lingerie, Pantyhose / Stockings, Piercings, Shoes / Boots, Tickling

Sexual Activities

I enjoy sex:Several times a day
Sex isAlways on my mind
Dirty talkTurns me on
Night life:Night clubs, Strip clubs, Fetish clubs, Adult theaters, Swapping parties, Dungeon clubs, Raves, Intimate gatherings in my home, Regular Bars, Adult book stores, Movies

Sexual Interests

CybersexEvery once in a while
Oral Sex isMy favorite
Anal sex isFun sometimes
Sex toys:Clitoral stimulator, Dildos/Vibrators, Fruits/veggies, Strap-ons
Size matterNo, Not at all
"Off Limits":None

Sexual Fantasies

Sexual fantasyBe pounded analy rough
Fantasy locationAirplane, Train, Bleachers of a stadium, Kitchen, Elevator, Swimming pool, Hot tub, Movie theatre, On the beach, My office, Library, In a taxi cab, Public bathroom, Restaurant
Fantasy sex partner:Obedience is key

Femdom Preferences

Desired Persona:Changes with my partners
I like to wear:High heels and a business suit, Lingerie and stockings, Leather, Rubber
Ideal session:My slave on a fours tie in his mouth barking and begging to eat my pussy until he goes hoarse. He will be whipping if he does not listen.
Ultimate femdom fantasy:I’m in charge yelling commands and you are listening